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Ted Courtright
Ted Courtright was born in Glendale, California, near Hollywood, just two months after Charles Lindbergh flew, solo, to Paris in 1927.

Jump to 1945. Ted joined the Navy, right out of high school, during WW II. After the armistice, he served in Japan, near Hiroshima, with the occupation troops. Back in the states, he was surveyed out of the Navy in 1946.

Ted enrolled at Glendale College on the GI Bill in 1948. He majored in aeronautics and flying. One day, while performing aerobatics, he crashed in a cornfield. Only the airplane suffered injury. In spite of the “stack up,” he earned his pilot’s license.

In 1951, he joined the Glendale Fire Department. As a rookie, his duties included service on the ambulance, aerial ladder truck and as a crewman on an engine company, He almost ended his career, and his life, while rescuing a lady’s singed cat. He ran distance events in the Fireman’s Olympics; winning seven medals over four years. He was promoted to fire engineer, then Captain. He retired after serving thirty one years. He now lives in Half Moon Bay, California. Ted’s son, Kim, lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mr. Courtright flies to Kailua, Kona every spring to join his son in hunting Marlin.


by Ted Courtright

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TRIO: Three Short Fiction Stories by Ted Courtright.

"AUTHOR, AUTHOR": A story about a famous author who chooses to hide behind a pen name and a ghost writer he hired as a "stand in" for him. This noted author is in for more trouble from his "ghost" and his fiancee than he bargained for.

"FROM HERE TO KASHMIR": This true story deals with an American Air force pilot who faces the hazards of flying over the highest mountains in the world, i.e, "The Hump," during WWII. Our hero flies out of an American Air base in the beautiful "Vail of Kashmir," in India. His dangerous mission is to fly supplies into an isolated base, surrounded by the Japanese, in China.

"NIGHTLIFE IN HIROSHIMA": This is a true account about some "creative" members of a WWII Navy Construction Battalion, who, idled by war's end, decide to provide entertainment for bored and homesick American occupation troops stationed in Japan.

50 Stories

by Ted Courtright

Available on the Kindle, iPod, iPad, PC, etc. from amazon.com

50 Stories: A Collection of Short Stories, Biographies and Adventures


Fowl Play
Hitting all the Wrong Notes
Dougout Doug and Me
The Red Bicycle
Footsteps from the Past
O’ Christmas Bush
A Tale of Two Cities
How to Lose Your Appetite for Thanksgiving
The Mysterious Sampam
Baja Border Beguine
Rip and Rachael
It Suited Us to a “T”
The Dance of Death
Alexander the Swoose
The End of the Studebaker
Shirley Takes Atlanta
Mama Espinoza
The Stay Behinds
The Real Colonel Kurtz
Why the Wyeths
Diamonds are de Beers Best Friend
A Sojourn in Ireland
To the Spoiled Go the Spoils
A Visit to a Large Rest Home
Yee Gods
The Greeters
Too Late
Expedition Into Darkest San Francisco
Special Delivery
The Brown Hobgoblin
Joe Ravel and “Lefty” Wittgenstein
Chop Suey-Phooey
An April Fool at Christmas
The Machine Gun and the Hundred Dollar Bill
Charlie’s Junk - Chapter 3
The Republican Banner
Nightlife in Batangas, P.I.
A Pain in the Neck
You Can’t Go Home Again to Your WWII Navy Base
Fire Starter
The Nanny From Hell
The Old Man and the, “See, I Told You So”
I Remember Joe
The Burning Car
Mexican Camels
The Librarian and the Russian Spy
You’re Never Too Young